Dental Implantology

Dental Implantology is ideal for the replacement of missing teeth.Dental Implantology is a simple procedure that consists of a Titanium screw that is implanted in the jaw bone and  serves as the root of the new tooth otherwise known as a crown.

Many people are unaware of the extreme benefits of dental implantology as opposed to the having dentures fitted. Just 2 implants can make all the difference to your quality of life.

Advanced augmentation protocols are also available as part of implant placement .ie lateral and vertical window sinus lift procedures as well as ridge augmentation.

Virtual Implant Planning

Virtual Implant Planning is both safe and accurate for the planning of implant placement, especially for the following:

  • Multiple implant placement where immediate fixed provisional prosthesis is to be considered for which the All-on-4 concept is suited.
  • Where reduced bone volume and critical anatomical structures require angular implant placement.
  • Accurate guided surgery for aesthetic implant treatment in the smile line.
  • Machine milled surgical guides can be ordered for all the above.


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Denture Patients

Many people are missing the 1st molar and do not have it replaced as the missing tooth seems to have no substantial effect on the person’s life. In reality what happens as a result of the missing 1st molar is that the back teeth drift in, the person’s ‘bite’ collapses and all functional pressure goes to the front teeth with devastating effects. In fact, a missing 1st molar on should be the 1st tooth you replace. Your whole dental history will change as a result of ignoring it. One implant in the correct position now, might save you a full implant reconstruction later on in life.


Dr Pretorius uses a sophisticated, 3rd generation implant designed to facilitate the best possible result concerning implants of the upper front teeth. This zone is widely recognised as the mine field of implantology as it is not always a perfect success. Dental implants internationally have success rate of between 94 and 95%. Dr Pretorius has a success rate of 98 – 99%.

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