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Safe, Atraumatic Bone surgery

Product Benefits

  • Safe and atraumatic ultrasonic piezo bone surgery. Non active on fragile anatomic structure (Piezo modulated mode). 
  • Patented technology electronics to provide great efficacy and clinical benefits. 
  • Dedicated to ultrasonic precise bone surgery the Piezotome® M+ has:
    – a dual connection for faster surgery
    – a tactile screen for intuitive settings. 

Main Characteristics

    Bone preservation thanks to highly precise cut, linear tip vibrations, controlled and regular tip amplitude.
    Boosted Piezotome® handpiece with 6 ceramic rings for safe and atraumatic bone surgery.
    Automatic frequency adjustment for optimal and continuous efficiency irrespective of the load applied.


– Multifunction ON/OFF footswitch OR certified IPX8
– Precise and constant irrigation flow rate to avoid bone necrosis 
– Single use irrigation lines for perfect asepsis
– Long-lasting durable components: handpiece, wrench, sterilization tray


For both surgeon and patient: safe and effortless cut, increased tactile sensation and reduced post-operative pain with less swelling and bruising. 


– Tissue preservation (nerves, arteries, dura mater)
– Thin and precise osteotomies
– Reduced post-operative pain
– Better healing
– Stable and long term results

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